About Ajibu

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Founded in 2004, Ajibu is a growing information technology and accounting services company serving clients across the U.S, East Africa and Europe. We provide Consulting Services through accomplished resources in various professional domains.

We believe in building long term customer relationships based on ongoing delivery of quality solutions. This goal is attained by delivering exceptional value at a reasonable price.

Our Expertise
Ajibu has worked with companies to provide business process improvement, consultation services in various industry and cross industry application areas and diverse solutions in information technology and SAP. We have built a strong track record of growth and satisfied customers – whilst retaining a tight focus on innovative solutions and services. Driven by passion the passion to innovate and implement, our people, Innovative, ingenious and team builders, have been the greatest resources yet. Its that simple, partner with us!


Global Reach
Our vision since start up was to serve a wide market of industry players in various countries and regions. Through our offices in the USA, Dallas Texas and Nairobi Kenya, we have been able to cater for a large client base. Our expertise and knowledge has helped us to effectively manage business opportunities as they arise. We have over years opened up channels for outsourcing and offshoring that have changed the way our clients do business


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Customer Friendly

We have built a strong track record of growth and satisfied customers



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Cost Saving

We believe in quality solutions a goal attained by delivering exceptional value at a reasonable price.


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Global Reach

Our vision since start up was to serve a wide market of industry players in various countries and regions.